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Michelle Parker

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Michelle Parker LPP #110

Michelle Parker has been on the list of guests we've wanted to connect with or a long time and we were not disappointed! Over the course of the conversation, the Tahoe City native talked about her commitment to community. She says, "It's probably the most important thing to me...". She rents out her house to locals rather than to nightly rentals where she could make much more money because it helps to "service the community". This, in a place with little availability and high rents, is a big move. Keeping with that theme she tells us about the SAFEAS introductory to avalanche safety clinics that she has a big part in and how that aims to get women more engaged and comfortable within the mountains.

Michelle fills us in on her current filming projects with MSP and Redbull and a crazy mission to Western Australia to test her limits of performance and endurance. We also talk about singing camp, playing music, house renovations, photography, biking and climbing, contract negotiations, self-awareness, the importance of humility and the need to be present in life.

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