Meet The Guys Who Forecast Your Pow Days

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The National Weather Service staffs 122 forecasting offices across the U.S., providing weather forecasts for everyone from commuters to powder hounds wanting to know what's going on in the mountains nearest their house. Alex Kaufman of Vermont Public Radio's Wintry Mix podcast interviewed Paul Sisson, telemark skier and the Science and Operations officer of the Burlington, Vermont office of the NWS for the latest incarnation of the 'cast, getting a tour of the facility and diving into what it takes to forecast the weather–especially powder!

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The NWS has troves of data to pour through and make forecasts on, but the real challenge becomes translating all information for grandmas and everyday people looking to judge their commute to work, along with people making hard decisions about resources, plows, etc. in cities and towns across the country.

And this "winter" in the East? While early-season warmth is not uncommon in the East, this December is on track to be the warmest–ever.

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