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Lynsey Dyer really wants you to go skiing. It's her favourite thing, really. She really cares about getting people outside, and if you take any time to learn about Lynsey, you'll understand completely.

Lynsey got her start ski racing in Sun Valley, Idaho, and went on to win a downhill gold in the Junior Olympics. She majored in graphic design while on a ski racing scholarship at Montana State University, and has designed a signature line of clothing for Eddie Bauer and various other companies involved in the ski industry.

She is arguably the biggest champion and loudest voice for female skiing. She co-founded, whose mission is to increase the participation of women & girls in outdoor activities. They accomplish this by creating high-visibility “Get the Girls Out!” events, outdoor education, youth initiatives, and grassroots recreational gatherings. The SheJumps community consists of females of all backgrounds and ages who help one another reach their highest potential through outdoor adventures and education.

In addition to filming with companies like TGR, Warren Miller Entertainment, and Sherpas Cinema, Lynsey started Unicorn Picnic, a film production company with the goal of producing the first community-driven all-female big mountain ski film: Pretty Faces. Released in 2014, this film strives to be an outlet and source of inspiration for women who define themselves in the outdoors.

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