Low altitude high hopes

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Swiss border but still Italy . Winter is getting closer and splitboarding all around Swiss Alps gave me opportunity of exploring uncontaminated environment , pushing myself into unexpected location and new limits as well with tons of emotion sliding inside veins . But , looking back to previous winter I'm slowly figuring out that probably one of the most simplest slopes I had was actually not so far away .

Mount Todano is just 1667 meter above see level and riding up there takes no more then 1 hour from home which means no more then 2 minutes going down .

Nevertheless is one of the most appreciated place I stayed in, probably due to proximity and amazing view onto one of the most famous lake in Italy , the Major lake .

Let's add friendship and quite steep slope and I easily realize that sometimes there's more to discover next to us without looking at the moon .

I guess this vision should constantly stocks in mind during Splitboarding's journeys , even the hardest one.

Focusing on where feet are , never forgetting why we do what we do; look out on frozen landscape warming our hearts consequently.

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