Looking for the wildest sound system on the market for ski/snoboard helmet???

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Bluetooth System:

Peak Tunes Audio would like to invite you to check out handsdown the most capable and wildest sound/communication system available on the market for snow sports. The Seismic Bluetooth sound/communication system built and distributed by Peak Tunes. This system is the first ever in the snow sports market that allows you to communicate with up to 9 people and have live uninterrupted chat with 4 people at once. Ever experienced what it's like playing xbox live and chatting with your friends? The Seismic system functions just like that. Take phone calls, stream music, listen to am/fm radio and set up to 6 presets. This is just scratching the surface of what this system is capable of. This system is fully programmable, can be completely controlled by voice commands, 100% waterproof, dust proof and shock proof. I'm just getting started people. Up to 1.5 mile Radius on your communications, system to system. Connect to your ipod, phone or any bluetooth device. Quick pairing, easy to use. This system offers UNMATCHED sound quality, it flat out blows the competition out of the water. If your looking for the wildest bluetooth helmet system on the market, this is it!! We sell the kits for 400 dollars. It can be purchased and installed by you, or you can send us your helmet and we'll install it for free!!

Wired Systems:

If your wanting a wired system for your helmet or just some crazy wild headphones. Your need to look at Peak Audio's "Amped Too Tight Systems". The Amped Too Tight systems feature an external amplifier and equalizer that plugs in inline to your wiring, allowing for a massive boost in performance in all ranges. Fully adjustable equalizer with 4 settings and volume control. The Too Tight system alone is unreal, when you plug in the Amp which can be charged with a micro USB, this system comes to life. It has been compaired side by side with the top of the line headphones by BEATS, The Stuido Beats by Dre, do not even come Close to competing with the Amped Too Tight Systems From Peak Audio. This is the type of system where you FEEL the Bass, owners say "It feels like your in a club", "It sounds like your at a live concert". This is an on ear speaker system, blocks out external sound very well and keeps the sound emitting enclosed. Very comfortable and very reasonably priced at just 250.00 dollars. Can be installed at home, or send us your helmet and we'll install it for free! Same price for headphones.
The Too Tight system, none amplified is 200.00.

Both Systems feature 40mm Moving Coil Speakers. We have formulated a way to install these systems into any type and every helmet on the market. Our systems are not exclusive to a handful of manufacturers. Peak Audio systems can be installed in ANY helmet on the market. All systems are made of premium materials, over built so they never fail you. You will not experience deterioration in the wiring, speaker or construction. We have systems that have over 1000 hours of use on them and they still sound brand new. You will have a hard time blowing our speakers or getting them to fail you. 1 Year warranty on all products.

Check out our website: www.peak-tunes.com and follow us on facebook. Like us and stay tuned, we offer exclusive discounts and deals through our facebook page. Our facebook page has lots of pictures of installations of our systems in all kinds of helmets and shows all of the different systems available. We have yet to add all of the snow installation pictures on our website, but all systems are shown on website and can be purchased online.

Thanks for Looking!! Hope to see you all on the slopes and supporting Peak Tunes Audio!!!

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