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After watching the teaser for Light the Wick, it was cool to reminisce about last Winter. Photos and video always conjure up memories of choking powder days, wet boots and passing out at 6:30PM.
If there's one thing I can take away from last season it's; you can wake up early for the best day of the year and get nothing, or roll up to the mountain late on a mediocre day and slay it. No matter how many weather forecasts and webcams you look at, there's no way of knowing the current conditions unless you're currently in them.
Thanks for another epic year everyone!

Lenas webcam

**I'm way into watching the footage from this cam right now.**

WPG Utah

**January 7, 2010. 1st Snow Assessment Run in the Wasatch.**

The road to Squaw

**Dawn mission on a storm day in Tahoe.**

Snowbird plaza

**Apres ski sighting: Hood, Barnhill, Collins, and Miller at the Snowbird Plaza.**

Neil Provo Beaver, Utah

**I spent alot of this winter documenting the Deeper guys. This is Neil Provo scouting a peak in the high desert hills of Southern Utah.**

Forrest 190 Alta

**Forrest big 180 at Alta on a splitboard.**

Dylan Whistler

**April is usually a slam dunk month. This year I spent most of April in a hotel room. Dylan Hood.**

That was a good day.

**That was a good day.**

Wiley and Ligare doing their part

**We spent a few days milking the Little to Big Cottonwood bus laps. This is Wiley and Ligare waiting for a full bus on a weekend morning.**

1st sled day in Whistler.

**First day in Whistler with my sled 4/10/10. Sammy, Rick, Ralphie, Sven.**

Uh - Ohh

**Uh _ Ohh.**

...or drive to Vancouver and buy a new shutter...

**...or drive to Vancouver and buy a new shutter...**

Ski Photogs

**Where's Waldo? There are 7 ski photographers in this shot. What are their names?**

**Provo Bros. Avy control.**

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