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Snowboarding for me started in '89 at KB toy store. We were not there for snowboards but I convinced my mom to buy me the mogul monster that had no edges, bindings with one strap & the board was made of plastic. For the next two seasons I rode that board in every backyard and downslope in the neighborhood.

After a couple of seasons it was time for the real thing. So my mom took me to our local shop called (Surfs Up) where they had the Kemper 155. This thing was beautiful. It had edges, a cool top sheet, bindings with 3 straps and last but not least... Made in Italy. My mom is 100% Italian so this was working in my favor. She bought the board that day for me but it ended up being to big. I traded the board for a season for a Burton Cruze 135 and the rest they say is history.

Through my snowboard career I've had over 25 season passes (still have). Snowboards from Kemper, Sims, Solomon, Forum, Gnu, Joyride, Burton, Lib, & Neversummer. Those are the ones I can think of. Snowboarding for me has completely shaped who I'am today and for the sport and everyone in it, I thank it! I live for snowboarding and I have always listened to music while doing so. In part I feel when I'm snowboarding my life's soundtrack is playing. Keep up the great work TGR!

Snowboarding's biggest fan,

Jeff Olson

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