Last Call: Skiing The Grand, Candide Does Chad's

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YoBeat's Hateline Celebrates the Big 2-1!

Snowboarding site YoBeat has been putting together a new series with their up and coming sense of humor (his name is Justin Leville), which for the first time in recorded history has made a news-style video series covering snowsports that is actually funny. They celebrated their 21st episode this week by phoning in a fake live studio audience... these guys are the masters of using garbage editing techniques to further enhance how funny their shit is. From viral videos to Obama talking about snowboarding tricks, Leville covers the gamut of wacky shit going on in snowboarding on a weekly basis.

Candide Over Chad's Gap

Fourteen years later, Candide's picture-perfect D-spin 720 - crossed-up, no grab, Y2K-style - remains one of the most impressive feats Todd Jones' ever seen go down on skis. Somehow, the Frenchman makes just as much of an impression on those who watch him ski in 2014 as he did back then.

Coast Gravity Park Set To Open In May

If you know The Coastal Crew, you'll be pretty excited about this recent bit of news (if you live within striking distance of Vancouver Island). The Sunshine Coast's legendary video crew is about to open the area's first public bike park in early May, featuring a dozen of some of the most anticipated trails in downhill. The Coast Gravity Park will offer options for beginners all the way through to full-fledged pros, will offer shuttle rides back to the top (there's been some murmurs of a future chairlift), will limit the number of riders on any given day a la Silverton Mountain, and, most importantly, will be open year-round. We'll be sending a contributor out to do a spot check this summer, but in the meantime will mostly be wishing we lived in Canada...

George Hein Climbs the Grand Teton

Local "financial analyst" George Hein is just another one of those crazy Jackson Hole locals who don't quite fall under the title of "pro skier," but who nonetheless do things in the mountains that are just mind-boggling. Grand Teton National Park, which is effectively down the street from our HQ here in Wilson, is the kind of playground people like George orient their working lives around, and home to such an astounding number of lines that take all day (like 17 hours) to get up and down, you could spend multiple lifetimes in it and only scratch at the surface of the possibilities.

Ingrid On Climate Change

Why does Ingrid Backstrom care about climate change? After a record low-snow year in her hometown of Squaw Valley - a harbinger of the normal snow year of the future - she started to worry about the effect on the jobs of her neighbors dependent on mountain tourism. Why do you care?

Grom Contest Heats Up

The 5th Annual Grom Contest is heating up, with the entries getting better and better every week. We've gotten a number of entries from super-talented Euro shredders like Switzerland's Alex Moorhead above, who demonstrate serious prowess and balls in challenging big-mountain terrain for a high-schooler. Under 18 and want to give it a go? Check the link and put up your entry!

Snow Summit To Open Bike Park Next Weekend

Snow Summit, Big Bear's less park-obsessed neighbor, is claiming they will have the first open bike park in the nation when they let mountain bikers onto the chairlift next weekend, and dropped this snow-to-dirt hype video to get all you SoCalers stoked out and biting for a season's pass. Here in the Tetons, our best downhill trails won't be open til next September after the snow year we've had. Is it starting to dry up where you live?

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