Last Call: Secret Sauce, Professors of the Backcountry and TGR MacSabers

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Welcome to Last Call. Dropping every Friday, this column serves as a wrap-up of our favorite stories and videos from the week—some old, some new, but all worthy of attention.

Professor X in the Backcountry

The Euro-built Ziesel is the newest backcountry-focused tool for aspiring shredders or obese Americans, and is just a few weeks too late for those dressing up as X Men for Halloween. Ziesel's website says the two-track device is also appropriate for “ski touring areas,” so as soon as we get our hands on a few, Teton-area folks can expect to have their skin track ruined by the TGR crew mobbing around on these wheelchair snowcats.

In Praise Of Small Ski Areas

T-Bar Films, a small amateur production company based out of Vermont, just came out with their two-year documentary, United We Ski, which studies the fading trend of local, convenient, inexpensive places to go skiing - namely the town ski hill - as their number peaked in the 1970's at roughly 650, but whose numbers are now down to a small fraction of that. United We Ski gives a glimpse into the people and passion behind places like Cochran's, Northeast Slopes, and Hard'ack in Vermont that provide access to the ski experience to so many people that wouldn't be on snow if only the Stowes of the world were the only places turning lifts. The film is currently on tour across New England and is available for purchase here.

The Secret Sauce

In the second episode of your “Venture Starts Here,” the Silverton-based company reveals the secret sauce inside its boards. And while the San Juans provide an impressive backdrop for Venture’s workshop in Silverton, it’s just as easy to geek out on what happens inside this shop. There’s something soothing and soulful about witnessing the birth of a board. This is especially true for the brand’s progressive shapes like the Euphoria, which is featured prominently in the film. Enjoy—and think about everything that goes into your deck the next time you crank out a turn.

Rodney Mullen's TED Talk

Skateboarder Rodney Mullen is an incredibly gifted speaker despite being a serious introvert. He added an incredible perspective to the stand-out 2012 documentary by Stacey Peralta, Bones Brigade, and has also given some wildly eloquent TED talks that bring action sports to the level of high art. Here's one of them, it's well worth a full watch - you'll never have heard anyone speak about action sports on such a beautiful and sophisticated level.

TGR Office MacSaber Battle

Classic TGR office life right here. Found this old school gem while digging through the archives the other day. I mean Todd Jones’ epic spin maneuver at 0:25… It’s good stuff. We know he can get down on the dance floor, but the moves he whips out in this video... Watch out. It has been years since TJ was caught battling it out with his Powerbook Lightsaber, but after this video surfaced, we think it’s time for round two. -Joni
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