Last Call: Jay Peak Pow, Shaun White Voiceover, Van Damme Splits, More!

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Jay Peak Gets Slammed With Early Season Snow

Northern Vermont's Jay Peak, no stranger to freak storms thanks to the infamous "Jay Cloud," got hit with a huge early season storm cycle that delivered 5-8 inches a day for so many days that locals were claiming the pow they were shredding this week was "easily three feet deep." No one was hitting bottom, and the word was that it was like skiing any of the best storms February or March could deliver. We're sure the staff of Jay's season pass office are grinning ear-to-ear right now. - Ryan

The Other Bode—the One Who’s Not a Skier

Bode Merrill is good at riding his snowboard. He can ride it well in all sorts of terrain and conditions—in parking lots and powder, as well as over handrails, lampposts, and other obstacles. Perhaps his magic powers come from drinking a ton of Monster, the webisode’s presenting sponsor. Or perhaps we should simply attribute this edit’s budget—and annoying title—to Monster. Regardless of whom we credit for this edit, we’re definitely giving Bode props for terrorizing all sorts of shit. - Mike

Next Level Splits

Still not in shape for ski season? Have you tried epic splits? Bet it will burn those thighs more than those stupid looking squats you do. Jean-Claude Van Damme somehow actually manages to make a split look "epic." And he still manages to make it look "epic" while background music by Enya is tingling your ears. We dare you to press play and try not to laugh. - Joni

Shaun White- The Best or Worst Lip Reading?

It's an Olympic year folks, so media outlets far and wide are choking over Shaun White. YoBeat is capitalizing on the ginger's fame and doing what they do best and spoofing SDub all they can. Their latest dig is pretty damn funny. This lip reading video is pure gold, and what White should have said if he wasn't a programmed PR machine. Give it a watch. -HH

SGT Argentina 2014 Trailer

This is a pretty high-voltage 1:22 from the gang at SASS Global Travel previewing their backcountry & free ride summer camps in Bariloche, Argentina at my personal favorite resort, Cerro Catedral. Between the double flips, cliff drops, eye-of-the-needle tree jibs and pow shredding, this is some pretty intense shredding for July and August. SGT also just introduced a layaway booking program, where you can pay off your trip in weekly or monthly installments. That makes a trip halfway around the world a little bit easier to digest. - Ryan

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