Last Call: Climate Change, Heli-Ski Uzbekistan, Blacking Out, Surfing Saunas!

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Last Call is a weekly installment brought to you every Friday by TGR's editorial team, tailoring a host of videos from around the web to get your ready for your weekend outside.

Jeremy Jones on Climate Change

During a springtime trip to Wrangell St. Elias National Park, Jeremy talks about why climate change has become such a concern for him, from melting glaciers to increasingly erratic weather. Of course, this has implications far beyond less pow on the slopes - I think the collapse of modern industrial civilization was mentioned recently - but, man! Your Instagram account is going to be was less popular when the opportunity to gloat-post pow day shots declines by 50%.

Surf Shauna for Winter Water Enthusiasts!

With air temps stabbing at zero degrees and water temps barely above forty, wintertime surfing in New England is a violent affair that only the hardiest (or most desperate for waves) have the will power to undertake. In mid-February with ice fog curling off the surface of the water and two feet of snow on the beach, it's a challenge to stay in the water for more than an hour. But two creative souls from near my hometown in New Hampshire have put together a wild-looking "Surf Sauna" mounted on a trailer that they can tow right to the spot and heat up in time to give frozen surfers a break in some delciious heat with the aroma of cedar filering through their iced-over wetsuits. Sound nice? The first Surf Sauna model will be available for a cool $16,400, trailer hitch not included.

Doing Cool Shit On A Bike At High Speed

Damn, dude; Bas van Steenbergen is not messing around! The Kelowna, B.C. native must have learned how to ride a bike from an XBox, because this is some video game-level riding on a 6-inch travel bike.

Calling All Norwegian Engineers to Teton Pass...

Those damn Scandinavians are always making us Americans look like a bunch of fat, self-indulgent and scatterbrained fools. This time, they tease us with their utopian "CycloCable," a sort of conveyor belt that pushes cyclists up a 426-foot hill in Trondheim, Norway after they step on what looks like a track and field start block. Could you imagine how empty the parking lot would be at the top of Teton Pass if you could simple plop a foot down and have taxpayer money ferry you to the top for your ski run or bike lap down Fuzzy Bunny? Plus, it's way cheaper than the monorail I keep advocating for...

Smugg Hucks

Ski The East's talented group of freeride groms put some time in last March with their young knees and copious snowfall around Smuggler's Notch, Vermont in order to see just how big they could go off the frozen waterfall drops and cliff hucks in the area's tight woods. If Dylan Dipentima, Noah Ranallo, Dominic Castine, and Carter Snow are out there listening, we highly recommend you enter our Grom Contest... we want you!

Yawgoons 12

We’ll be honest—you probably won’t like this edit. It’s full of handrails and jibs rather than powder, pillows, and helicopters. But once you get past the fact that this edit is better suited for Yobeat than TGR, there’s much to appreciate. In addition to impressive riding, the edit showcases the importance of creativity. Although Yawgoo Valley—the only ski resort in Rhode Island—doesn’t have an abundance of terrain, the Yawgoon crew continues to make it look fun as hell. But then again, Scotty Stevens always makes snowboarding look so fun.

NYC Socialite Taken Out During Local Pond Skim

Last week the town hill here in Jackson Hole, Snow King, held their annual pond skim contest. But shriveled private parts weren't the only victim of the challenge of fording nearly-frozen waters on skis or snowboards. Julia Kirby, a young NYC socialite who starred on the reality show "High Society" before moving to Jackson to become landscape photographer Tom Mangleson's assistant, got taken out by an out-of-control skimmer as she was texting away behind the runout of the pond skim.

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