Ladies Bikes UK: Why it’s Time More Females Got into Cycling

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There’s absolutely no reason why cycling shouldn’t be enjoyed equally by both men and women. There’s nothing particularly ‘macho’ about mountain biking (though you may hear men down the local pub arguing ferociously about which are the best bikes!) and there’s absolutely nothing to stop women saddling up and biking with the best of them.

Despite this fact, according to a recent article in the BBC, only 28% of the UK’s biking journeys are made by women. Which is only just over a quarter! If you’re a woman, and you’d like to find out more about how to get into cycling and find the right bike, then read on…

Ladies bikes UK: Why It’s Important to Find the Right Bike

Many women, when they’re about to invest in a bike, ask whether or not it’s important to have a specific ladies bike; or whether a unisex model will suit them just as well. There’s no simple answer to this question; but as a general rule, having a bike specifically designed for women can offer considerable benefits.

Women tend to have shorter torsos and arms, and longer legs than men; and female-specific bikes are geometrically designed to fit this shape more comfortably. Obviously, every bike is different; but generally speaking, a bike designed for a woman will have a steeper seat angle and reduced stem length, which reduces the stretch to the handle-bar. Many ladies bikes will also have narrower handle-bars for a more comfortable grip, and a specifically designed seat.

Best road bikes for women?

There are a lot of ladies bikes out there, and it can be a bit bewildering when you’re trying to decide which one is right for you, especially if you’ve never really ridden before!

Fortunately, there is a simple solution; which is to locate an online biking equipment supplier who is happy to answer all questions. A good retailer will have the time to discuss your requirements in greater depth, and locate the best road bikes to suit your individual needs.

The advantages of cycling

There are so many reasons why it’s great to get into biking, regardless of gender.

1) It keeps you fit. Cycling is one of the most effective ways to keep fit; and the best thing about it is its flexibility. If you want to enjoy a simple ride through the country, you can. If you’re in the mood to burn some serious energy and challenge yourself, guess what… you can do that too! It’s also great to be able to see your progress; as you tackle increasingly more difficult terrains.

2)It shows you a different side of your local area. Cycling opens up new trails and terrains that you may not have been previously familiar with, even within just a few short miles of your own home. It’s a chance to experience the more naturally beautiful parts of your local area.

3)Get the whole family involved. Unsurprisingly, cycling is also a hugely popular family activity; and kids love biking in the country as much as their parents. It’s a good way of ensuring that everyone in the family stays fit and healthy.

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