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One of a skier's most common and most feared injuries is the torn knee. ACL, PCL, MCL and probably some L we haven't even found yet will do it's best to rupture and keep us off the slopes. Blowing your knee is the worst. The professionals say that you should expect a 6-9 or a 9-12 month recovery time. Losing a year of quality, outdoor playtime is a frustrating and massively disappointing price to pay.

In this episode, The Physios, Mike Conway and Bianca Matheson from Whistler's Back in Action Physiotherapy Clinic are joined by skier join Leah Loynachan to talk about rehabbing those knees and getting and keeping them strong. Mike and Bianca both have very impressive and extensive resumés. Both have worked for their respective country's Olympic and Paralympic teams as well as many other professional sports organizations in Canada and Australia. Their team at Back in Action are currently the official physiotherapists for the Canadian Ski Cross team.

We discuss that the most important thing you can do for your knee before you go skiing is to make sure its strong enough! That's a fairly simple idea that not many people take the time and effort to invest in. Just like getting an oil change for your car to prevent your engine from seizing, you need to make sure you can perform simple strength exercises so your legs, knees and body can handle the forces put on them while participating in strenuous activities like skiing. Their SKIRAD app is a great way to gauge, and then get yourself fit for snow sports.

The Dreaded Toboggan Ride The dreaded toboggan ride

While recovering it's equally important to take the right steps to ensure a quick and efficient recovery. As you'll learn here, everyone has a completely different experience when rehabbing from a knee injury. There are steps everyone can take to improve the process and heal as fast as your body will allow. Get strong, stay healthy and have fun!

In this bonus episode on the topic of knee injuries , we hear from the professional skiers who have gone through and are currently dealing with knee injuries. Angel Collinson, Dana Flahr, Dave Gheriani, Josh Daiek and Rory Bushfield all share their stories and experiences. T hey tell us their impressive injury stories as well as their recovery techniques and whether they needed surgery or not. Most importantly, keeping your body strong and staying positive is a theme we discuss.


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