K2 Snowboarding Has the Funnest Time Ever in Japan

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Given that there were a total of three locations, worldwide, in which it appeared to snow copiously last season, we've been inundated with edits from one of them–Japan–like none other. There's been rowdy ones, soulful ones, and now, a super fun one.

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It's hard not to get giddy about winter when you see someone riding snow so deep that when they lay in a slash under the chairlift, they hose the people on the actual chair above them. Tim Eddy, Lucas Debari, and Matt Belzille look like they had a riotous good time in Japan, and we would too if all we had to worry about was group-shredding pillow lines, tossing spins into hip-deep snow, and ordering up another round of horse mackerel.

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