Jones Snowboards' Solution Wins Backcountry Magazine's Editors Choice Award

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September 22, 2010

Congratulations to Jeremy Jones and Jones Snowboards for their Solution splitboard winning Backcountry Magazine's Editors Choice Award. Check out the e-mail Backcountry sent Jones:


Jones Snowboards Solution splitboard is the 2010/20101 recipient of a Backcountry Magazine Editors’ Choice Award. Your product performed extremely well at the annual Backcountry Snowboard Test held in March in Crested Butte, Colo., and we are proud to extend this award.

Outstanding tester response, exceptionally high scores, and category-leading overall performance contributed to our selection of the Solution as a 2011 Gear Guide Editors’ Choice. This sums it up for us: Light underfoot and a beast on the steeps, the Solution will take you anywhere, anytime.

Once again, congratulations on producing such an exceptional piece of backcountry equipment, and thank you for being a part of the Backcountry Magazine board test and gear guide. Best of luck in the upcoming season!

See you in the backcountry,

Backcountry Magazine

And here's Jeremy on his inspiration for the board:

A few years ago I had run out of new things to ride in my home mountains. I had booted everything with in a reasonable distance and had sledded to all the sick spots. My hit list was pretty much empty. Picking up my splitboard the whole game changed. My hit list is now overflowing with a lifetime of new places to explore. The Solution is the solution. It rides like a normal board, but I’m no longer wallowing on approach to distant lines nor physically destroyed from bootpacking all day. I find myself passing up the chaos of the resorts and heading to the solitude of the backcountry on my splitboard more and more each winter.

Jones Snowboards Solution Splitboard

Greg Martin's Photo of The Solution

Jones Snowboards Solution Splitboard

A frame grab from Jeremy's helmet camera during the filming of Deeper with The Solution.

Jones Snowboards Solution Splitboard

The Solution's product image.

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