Jibbing Icebergs - TGR Takes It To The Ice While Filming The Dream Factory

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With the help of local Girdwood, Alaska, snowboarder Paul Laca, Teton Gravity Research recently spent time sessioning some of the icebergs in the area.

After clearing off the fresh powder and getting a snowmobile tow-in, Dash Longe, Dylan Hood, Tim Durtschi and Sage Cattabriga-Alosa hit up a few different chunks of ice that are currently frozen into a lake.

Glaciers form where more snow falls than melts and the ice forms when the pressure of fallen snow compresses the snow beneath it. The epic snowfall in Alaska this year will likely have an effect on the glaciers and icebergs next summer.

All photos by Pete O'Brien.

Dash Longe Ice JibDash Longe busts a 180 over a blue ice gap.

Dylan Hood Ice JibDylan Hood spins a 180 spine transfer over the ridge of an iceberg.

Sage Cattabriga-Alosa Ice JibSage bashes the lip of an ice wave.

Sage Cattabriga-Alosa Ice JibSage shaves some ice.

TGR Ice Jib The crew preps a landing by scraping the powder off it.

Dylan Hood and Tim Durtschi Ice JibDylan tows Durtschi into a perfect setup built by Mother Nature.

Sage And Dash Ice JibSage and Dash explore more options to jib.

Dash Longe Ice JibDash throws a flair on a big, bumpy natural quarterpipe.

Tim Durtschi Ice JibDurtschi mines for cocktail ice.

Paul Laca Ice JibPaul Laca has been our guide on this trip. He has 10 years of experience exploring the area around Girdwood on his snowmachine and snowboard.

Sage Cattabriga-Alosa Ice JibSage floats a 180 from one piece of floating ice, to another.

Tim Durtschi Ice JibTim Durtschi pulls a hand drag 180 through tight quarters.

TGR Ice JibThis zone will look completely different next winter as the glacier is constantly changing.

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