Jarrett Luttrell First Snowboarder to Ride Colorado's 14ers

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Earlier this year Jarrett Luttrell became the first snowboarder to ascend and ride Colorado's 54 14,000 foot mountains. Luttrell, a Minnesota native, joins an elite company of six skiers that have accomplished the feat. Here's Luttrell on his motivation for the feat:

"All of these previous people were my inspiration. Lou [Dawson] was a great resource-he’s researched so much of Colorado’s ski- and ride-mountaineering history. In 2000, I asked him if anyone was riding them, and he said that he was still the only one to ski from all the summits. He also explained the high standard he held for exacting summit descents. Then there were the drought years… I completely gave up. That’s why [Chris] Davenport’s project caught me as a surprise. He proved that those lines were not flukes, or only in good condition once every ten years. His success was the primary reason for the revival of 14ers."

Congrats to Luttrell and to Christy Mahon, who recently became the first woman to ski all 54 peaks.

Check out Transworld's interview with Luttrell here.

Here's some community members descending two of Colorado's 14ers, Blanca Peak and Little Bear Peak:

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