Jackson Locals Shred Argentina All Summer Long

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* Disclaimer: Ryan was the former Director of Communications at SASS Global Travel

The melt. It you're lucky, it's only just getting started, with the winter snowpack drizzling down into muddy creeks, filling the lakes again, and pulling back the curtain of winter white with its possibility of turns, slashes, and drops. Some respond by pulling out running shoes, surfboards, or mountain bikes and begin resuscitating a different set of muscle groups. But those who just can't get enough begin scrambling for longer work hours or start saving up, this time for a ticket for the long plane ride south.

I was lucky in earlier years to work for SASS Global Travel, an adventure travel company that offers surf trips to Puerto Rico and ski and snowboard trips to Japan and Bariloche, Argentina, which come June and July reflects the tides of a different hemisphere, with slopes hammered with the deep white snow of the Andes. With a small resident crop of rippers, wildly diverse terrain, and all the offerings of Argentina on tap, the trips down every summer were as much an adventure in the new as a repeat of the season we'd been so reluctant to let go of.

For those of you that were card-carrying members of the Jackson Hole season pass squad, SASS is offering $500 discount off their two-week backcountry shredding sessions at Bariloche's Cerro Catedral mountain, or $200 off an 8-day trip. If you can't stand the thought of zipping your board bag up for the next six or seven months, check out their site for more details.

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