Jackson Hole Locals Attempt Goofiness But Are Too Talented

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Man, as a fellow middling amateur snowsports "athlete," its edits like these that are the hardest to watch. The WYPY crew of Jackson Hole, which includes such talents as Cam Fitzpatrick, Blake Paul, and Jack Hessler, is simply too talented to succeed at being goofy. I mean, they try, but they can barely even manage to fall. "Funny" to them is doing backflips off little knobs on the side of the trail, nollie double frontflips into a bottomless gulch, and double-butter misty flips off the cat track. If I did any of those tricks I just named, I'd probably have a trophy made for myself. I mean, nothing is more infuriating than watching someone so good at shredding they can't even figure out how to suck at it.

Want more from the WYPY crew? Watch them decimate Jackson Hole on carving boards with hard boots! Again, way too talented for their good...

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