Introducing, The Most Powerful GoPro Ever!

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Excitement has been building in recent months regarding the release of the most powerful action camera ever, and that moment that all of you extreme sports enthusiasts and film buffs has been waiting for has finally arrived, as the GoPro HD Hero 3 Black edition has finally arrived on planet earth, and boy, has it delivered!

No expensive has been spared in the development and release of this camera as GoPro have really gone all out, making this new release 30% smaller, 25% lighter and twice as powerful as the previous generation, the massively successful GoPro Hero 2, but what exactly can this masterful piece of kit do?

Well, it hasn't been dubbed the worlds most versatile camera for no reason, as GoPro have set this camera up to be absolutely ideal to any adrenaline junky, no matter where you get your kicks from, wherher its on a board, deck, 2 wheels, 4 wheels, under water or in the air, this camera has been designed to offer something to you!

One of the most notable differences this camera has from its predecessor is that it features built in wi-fi capabilities and compatibility with the new GoPro app, but the technical improvements go much deeper! Not only does this camera offer ultra wide 1440p recording at 48fps, but you can now film in true, crisp, hollywood style with the amazing new “ultra HD” 4k recording feature!

Alongside this, photo performance has also been enhanced in the GoPro HD Hero 3 Black Edition, as in GoPro's own words the photo performance is now 3x better, with 12MP burst capture at 30fps and continuous photo modes, capturing 12MP stills at 3,5 or 10 photos per second rate being available, alongside an ultra wide lens and improved audio capturing facilities, its quite amazing that it can all fit into a small 2.6 ounce device!

Given the immense power that the GoPro 3 Black edition holds it is safe to say that is probably isn't the ideal camera for everyone, retailing at around £360, however, for the true extreme sports enthusiasts and experience thrill seekers, with all that it offers, it really is hard to look past this new camera when choosing the device to capture all of your high octane memories in crisp, clear HD.

So there you have it, a sensational new camera which caters to the needs of any thrill seeker or adrenaline junky out there - we would not be surprised to see these devices appearing on christmas lists around the world this holiday season!

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