Interview: TGR's Sammy Carlson Completes 1000-Mile Bike Ride

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July 15, 2010

Sammy Carlson just completed a 10-day, 1000-mile bike ride between Hood River, Oregon and Ogden, Utah yesterday as part of a fundraiser to help promote autism awareness. Here's an interview with Sammy and a few videos he took during the trip below. To donate and find out more about the fundraiser, check out its website here:

TGR: What was your inspiration for the ride?

Sammy: The whole thing started when this guy from Salomon bet me some Gs that I couldn't ride from my house in Hood River Oregon to his office in Ogden, Utah. I was going to do it last summer but it got delayed 'cause I was bust from skiing. I thought it would be fun and good cross-training for winter. The guy bet me the money so I just was like "OK...OK, it's on, I'm doing it!"

After a lot of thinking we ended up turning it into a charity ride. I thought it would be a cool way to give back to people with less fortunate situations. I just wanted to use the network I have made from skiing to try and send something back. We didn't train as much as we wanted to, but I'm going to keep doing cool things to help raise more money for TACA.

TGR: What kind of training went into the trip?

Sammy: I would bring my bike to the hill and ride it home or bomb somewhere around the Columbia Gorge after shredding all day. I was super busy with my competition (The Sammy Carlson Invitation) the week before. I ended up stomping a switch triple flip literally two days before we left for Ogden. My energy was booming after that and it was a perfect time to get out and chill with some friends. I pretty much hit it like a crazy training mission. Now I'm stronger than ever and can't wait to get back on my skis.

TGR: Tell me about the ride.

Sammy: It was tough waking up early everyday and staying motivated to ride, but we had a lot of fun and did it right. I had four friends riding with me and there was a support vehicle following us. We were bombing every day and got in better shape after pedaling well over 100 miles/day. On our second to last day, we went 154 miles.

TGR: What was the hardest part of the trip?

Sammy: My ass hurt and it got super boring some days. It was just like, "Ah another 100 miles today," but it became easier and easier. It was good to talk with friends while riding to help pass time.

TGR: Where did you stay at night?

Sammy: We typically camped by rivers. The snake river was sick!

TGR: This has been a pretty big few weeks for you with the SCI, your first triple flip and now this. How was that experience?

Sammy: Mind blowing.

TGR: What's next for you?

Sammy: Summertime and a ton of shredding on Hood. Everybody check out our website to donate:

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