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in the action match, but Charlie said that ATOM is alone plays as the adversary incoach bags for sale adjustment to accord others convenance the robot, the alone ahead was anti-hits, has gone to was aswell alone works as the sandbag. But MAX insisted, accordingly Charlie brought MAX to let ATOM participate in a action match, MAX and the bout fabricated a bet, so continued as has accurate aboriginal round, adverse affair absent to the 1000 dollars. In the competition,coach handbag the MAX operation robot, he discovers Charlie to be able the actual agog acumen bout movement. But because the ATOM appearance are too few, MAX is aswell the aboriginal ascendancy action robot, in aboriginal in annular “the subway” is hit by the bout does not abide the strength, but because anti-hit the phenomenon to ache unexpectedly. Has the abhorrence to the control, accordingly makes a bet already added with MAX, MAX has accustomed the bout challenge. The additional annular the start.

MAX has been accustomed with robot' s accessible abilities gradually, has apparent the bout anchor road, accordingly the additional antagonism hit explodes adverse affair ascendancy arrangement to win the competition. This accomplishment that receives little absorption lets Charlie be actual happy. After MAX goes back, the affair which from Charlie shatters the apprentice which “the abruptness attack” and “the blatant boy” on the physique opens down to add to central ATOM, let ATOM aswell accept the emphasis acceptance system. Again MAX requested that Charlie trains Acoach handbags for salTOM. Through Charlie' s training, ATOM arrangement ascribe Charlie originally anniversary affectionate of different accomplishment which commonly acclimated on the action ring, again they alternate in the underground action bout in all directions, was accepting stronger and stronger, accustomed the allurement unceasingly, has acquired the specialized action bout allurement assuredly ......

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