In-bounds Avalanche Strikes New Zealand's Mt. Hutt

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August 11, 2010

Despite heli-bombing, hand charges, and ski cutting, two skiers were caught in and escaped an in-bounds avalanche on Mt. Hutt's South Face without injury this past Monday. As a precaution, the resort was closed while patrol accounted for everyone that had been on the mountain. The New Zealand resort received over 2 feet of snow over the weekend and the resulting slab avalanche was 12" deep.

This most recent avalanche follows a string of accidents that have occurred at Mt. Hutt this season. Earlier this month a 30 year-old snowboarder died from injuries sustained during a fall at the resort while riding without a helmet. His death was preceded by a 54 year-old woman's death in July and a 21 year-old woman's in June, both of which resulted from injuries while skiing out of bounds. A 60 year-old man was also killed in a June car accident while driving home from the resort.

On a brighter note, here's an edit from the resort's opening day last year:

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