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Pep Fujas has long been one of the few holding the high water mark for style in the sport of skiing. Few have been able to flow through the landscape with the same level of grace and comfort. Skis simply seem to belong on his feet. And this Friday, from 2-5 PM MST in TGR's own forums, Pep Fujas will be hosting an Ask Me Anything session in which you can ask Pep any question at all that you like, from how he learned to land switch in pow to what he does when he's not skiing to what he thinks about legal pot in his home state of Oregon. It's all fair game.

How to get involved? Simply register for a profile on the TGR site here, and then once you're set up and logged in, drop a few questions in Pep's Ask Me Anything thread here and come back this Friday at 2 PM MST to see what he says (and ask some more). Thanks for joining us Pep, and to the good folks at Patagonia for helping us organize this rad little event.

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