Igloo party on New Year's Eve in the Caucasus mountains

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We had an incredible igloo party on the New Year's Eve in the middle of the Caucasus mountains. Not the lightest backcountry ever - someone came up with the idea to bring some drinks in original bottles, someone took the Christmas tree and lots of other useless in backcountry things, which brought us a lot of fun in that extremely cold and exhausting night. And, yes, there was not a lot of snow at all. As being the videomaker I did not take off my skins in that trip at all. Worth to mention that the igloo we've been working so much on (because it was too cold to build it and it took a great amount of time) was a decorative, and not functional one. Anyway, two weeks later we could find a higher and better spot to build another two 5-stars igloo-hotels.

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