Huge Storm Slams The Central Andes Ski Resorts of Chile and Argentina

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With all the buzz last week around the approaching snowstorm to the Central Andes, it was hard to get any sleep. After all we depend on these forecasts to come true to survive, however it was hard to really trust a forecast of 8-10 feet.

It had been years since South American resorts like Portillo, Las Lenas, Valle Nevado, and La Parva had seen such a storm. To date, things were pretty grim with nothing but bare, rocky slopes under the shadow of the condor. Things were getting desperate at 10,000 feet. Then the first glorious flakes began to fall out of the sky... See the full report with photos and storm totals here

Las Lenas, Argentina, July 13, 2015. Photo Jose Beccar

Las Lenas July 13, 2015

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