How To Film Urban Skiing With Dale Talkington

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The Co-Lab movie that Dale won his place in this summer is available on DVD and iTunes now.

Dale Talkington, the 4bi9 jib ski wunderkid who gets away with landing tricks he's never even attempted on the first or second try, knows a thing or two about filming skiing around town. Not the backcountry - that place we all love and worship - but the mean-ass streets of Salt Lake City. Beneath the smog Dale and his crew from 4bi9 found handrails, cement ledges, wallrides, gaps to pavilion roofs, and all kinds of insane features that involved minimal snow, lots of balls, and a fearless approach to slamming on Portland cement.

The combination of Dale's preternatural talents and his crew's experience hunting for the most creative street spots in the City of the Saints helped him win TGR's first Co-Lab against 44 other sick edits and a cool $100,00. Here's Dale's quick guide to finding your own shreddable, filmable urban feature masterpiece:

A winch is key. Nowadays, really anything is possible to hit because of winches. Almost any wall is a feature now because you can get speed and hit it every which way or into another wall or onto a little ledge, so pretty much urban is getting easier and easier to find because you can stray away from your standard down-flat-down rail and now there’s all these other options you can do.

You kind of have to drive around aimlessly and look for schools, churches – those are kind of the main spots, along with parks.

You have to plan around when people won’t be there. And a lot of the time, you gotta hit shit early. That parking lot roof gap was shot at probably 5:30 in the morning, just as it was starting to get light. If it’s a school, you usually hit it on a weekend or at night, a park mid-week, and a church any day but a Sunday, you know?

Running into other crews really isn’t an issue. Running into security guards, cops, park rangers, or angry neighbors? Definitely an issue.

And remember: don't do it in the park!!

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