Heli-Boarding the Chugach

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Ever since I was a little girl I have been driven on a quest for more, for bigger, for faster, for higher.

My love of the snow existed since the beginning and really took off when my high school friends took me snowboarding for the first time on a local hill on the New York – New Jersey border. It didn’t matter, it was amazing. With a short learning curve, ripping up Vermont since I was an East Coaster then, the quest for what’s next has driven me further to snowboard around the country and around the world. My travel has led me to the steeps of Jackson Hole to skiing the beautiful back bowls of Vail to “giving sub-zero a new name” freezing temps of Montana. It didn’t stop there. I was turned into a snow snob by spending a ton of time around Colorado, the most perfect dry powder in the world. Mount Baker was deep and a total blast and Nor Cal is just beautiful with some tough chutes to be found.

At a very magical point in time, I was given a taste of backcountry Colorado by way of snowmobile. Yee haw. And I needed more. Glacier skiing around Mt. Blanc and Chamonix with zero visibility with the threat of crevasses all around, it was exhilarating. All the while I was captivated by the heliboarding adventures of the pros on screen and knew I needed to get there. Booking a flight to Alaska and dragging some hesitant gals with me, I was forging on ahead with or without them. My first day heliboarding in the Chugach backcountry was one of the best days of my life yet. The memory of actually making my dreams a reality still brings happy tears to my eyes.

Of course I am still looking towards what’s next and snow isn't the only frontier.

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