Helgason & Company Pokes Fun at Quad Cork Revolution

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Sexual Snowboarding's latest starts off with completely hilarious crash reel, including Halldor landing in dog poop. Per usual, nothing's too serious with this crew, even the falls.

This Just Happened: Chapter 3 was released the day after news broke of Billy Morgan's first-ever quadruple cork 1800. In true Helgason form, Halldor has been using this as an opportunity to make fun of the snowboard industry's obsession with big spins.

To tease the release of This Just Happened, Helgason posted an Instavideo of him throwing a quad flip with a tagline: "Congrats to Halldor Helgason The First Person to Throw a Quad Flip on a Snowboard...Bitch" That said, the only quad attempt you're going to see in this clip is completely accidental: he over-rotates a triple to his face at 7:58.

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