Haines to Valdez: Coming To America For Dream Lines

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"Alaska is a place for men, and we are boys becoming men." This episode of Growing Season follows Ian Wood on his first trip to Valdez and Haines Alaska. Through trials and tribulations with his Euro comrades, he learns what it takes to ride big lines in the dreamlands of freeride snowboarding's final frontier. He starts by snowmobiling 30 miles out to find the good snow and un-tracked lines of Thompson Pass then heads south and jumps in the heli to ride the classic lines of Haines. The conditions weren't perfect but you can always find the goods in the endless mountain ranges of AK. We also put together a quick interview with Ian for the episode:

What kind of preparation did you do for this shoot? The first time to Alaska involves a lifetime of preparation. Lots of dreaming. Training the mind and body. My European friends did the most research, but for the most part we just wung it and trusted in our snowboard community.

How long did it take you to get the footage? We were there for about a month and a half.

What was the most difficult part of the shoot to get right? The conditions were never fully right. Always an ice hard layer underneath. Made it better for not worrying about Avalanches but never could fully pull the trigger like I wanted too.

How did the shoot go? Any interesting stories or anything that you didn’t get on camera? We learned a lot on this trip. Having all been first timers we recked a lot of snowmobiles and put ourselves in hairy situations. The universe always provided and we always figured it out. Big shout out to Rasmus at Tailgate Alaska for having our backs.

Are you happy with how the video turned out? What is your favorite part? I am not satisfied with it, but ultimately happy. It was my first time and had so much to learn. I definitely have to go back and try again. Alaska is a whole new ball game. I felt like a beginner again!

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