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Our tour of Alaska continues on, with our last stop: Haines. Tim Durtschi, Chris Benchetler and Nick Martini are flying with Nick Martini in AK by Pete O'BrienNick Martini gets his first taste of heli-skiing in Alaska.

Haines, Alaska, By Pete O'BrienOut of all the places we visited in Alaska this year, Haines had the steepest terrain.

Haines, Alaska, By Pete O'BrienWe rolled right into a long stretch of high pressure in Haines.

Haines, Alaska, By Pete O'BrienA visit to Haines isn't complete without a cruise on the Sundowner. The boys got the chance to haul crab pots onto the deck of the boat and check out wildlife from the water.

Chris Benchetler in Haines, Alaska, by Pete O'BrienThis is the closest Chris Benchetler has ever been to bald eagles in the wild.

Tim Durtschi in Haines, Alaska, by Pete O'BrienTim Durtschi skiing a 2000-foot warm up lap.

Chris Benchetler and Nick Martini in Haines Alaska by Pete O'BrienBenchetler and Martini discuss their next move.

Chris Benchetler First Descent Haines, Alaska, By Pete O'BrienThis is the top quarter of a line Benchetler eyed on our first day out. It ended up being a first descent, which is becoming harder to get as more people come to Haines.

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