Hadley Hammer Talks Podcasting, POW (Protect our Winters) and TGR!

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LPP #85 Hadley Hammer

Hadley Hammer in the LPP Studios

Mark Warner Photo.

Hadley Hammer is a skier and a podcaster from Jackson Hole Wyoming. She produces and hosts the Nausicaa-cast which features female athletes from non-stick and ball sports. Hadley wanted a way to not only engage herself intellectually but be able to present female athletes through a platform where their stories and personalities could show through.

We speak with Hadley about joining POW (Protect Our Winters) as an ambassador. She tells us about the learning curve associated with learning how to "get the shot" when filming for TGR and trying to understand the nuances of light, angles and line choices. Outside of skiing, Hadley grew up figure skating and she lived in Washington, D.C. studying wine in a hospitality / Hotel Management program. Like most of us, she's doing her best to figure out the housing dilemma facing the majority of people living an working in ski resorts.

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