Go Powsurfing, Get Shacked!

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Every skier and snowboarder secretly wants to be a surfer, and it shows up in the increasing usage of surf vocabulary to describe the powder riding experience - snowboarders in particular are increasingly likely to refer to their time in the white room as getting shacked, pitted, or barrelled, especially since viral web sensation Micah the surfer made talking like stoned surfer so much fun.

But the absolute closest you can get to the surfing experience in the mountains is powsurfing, alternatively known as noboarding, where you're "freed" (or "hobbled" if you have poor snowboarding technique to begin with) by the lack of bindings, leaving only you and your feet to control your board down the terrain. It seems insanely hard - a supreme act of balance available only to the silkiest and strongest riders out there - but damn does it look rad. Could you rip pow without the vice grips and compartively easy edge response of your snowboard binders?

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