Girdwood To Valdez - A Road Trip In Alaska

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My Winter in Alaska continues with a road trip from Girdwood to Valdez.

The TGR Girdwood crew took off to the Lower 48 to compete in the Sage Cattabriga-Alosa Backcountry RailslideSage busts a backcountry railslide.

Tracks in ValdezI came across these freshly laid beast tracks in the middle of nowhere.

Tim Durschi And Dash Longe With Snowmachines In AkTim Durtschi and Dash Longe with their snowmachines in AK. Dream come true.

Tim Durtschi 180 Over GapTim Durtschi 180 over a big natural gap.

Sage Cattabriga-Alosa, Paul Laca check out big mountain linesSage and our guide Paul Laca checking out some sled accessed big mountain lines.

Sage busts a shifty in AKSage is rocking a mean shifty three these days.

Alaska Backcountry Adventures, Thompson Pass, AlaskaAlaska Backcountry Adventures headquarters on Thompson Pass in Valdez. It's time to pull the trigger on that AK dream trip, if you haven't already.

Erik Roner and Todd Ligare in Valdez, AKErik Roner and Todd Ligare scope a classic Valdez line.

Doug Coombs Memorial on top of staircase in ValdezOne of the most peaceful places I've ever been to in the mountains: A Doug Coombs Memorial on top of Staircase in Valdez.

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