Get a Paid Job to Travel the World and Surf All The Beaches

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Traveling around the world can be more than a mere vacation. Incredible life-changing experiences may occur when traversing across the globe. Active, sportive globe-hopping excursions might be more rewarding. Read any number of surfer biographies. Wave fanatics tell many tales of surfing oceans across the world.

Of course, travel comes with its costs and not everyone could afford to live a "Life of Reilly" existence. Leaving a job behind isn't an option for many. What about looking for a new job perfect for the world traveler? Several career options do exist for someone hoping to do a lot of traveling and a little surfing.

Joining Up with a Cruise Ship

A job on a cruise ship might be perfect for anyone who loves travel and surfing. Cruise ships hit ports all over the world. Ocean ports aren't likely too far from the beaches. Beaches mean waves and surfing. The cruise ship life isn't for everyone since it requires so much time away from home. People who embrace the thrill of traveling probably feel otherwise. They even find cruise work downright impressive.

What type of job can you do on a cruise ship? The options are near endless. Everyone from entertainers to bartenders to customer service reps to food servers play big roles in keeping the ship sailing. With so many opportunities, locating a job to apply for shouldn't be too hard.

Take the Digital Nomad Route

Internet telecommuting created the work-from-home revolution over a decade ago. Eventually, online professionals discovered they could take their jobs on the road. A "digital nomad" is someone who works online while bouncing from various locations all across the globe. Creating YouTube videos for fun and profit reflects one way to make money. Designing websites for pool financing companies is another. Acting as a social media manager for a host of clients works, too.

If you can do your work on a computer and make a living, options exist for working as a digital nomad. Just be sure this type of work doesn't violate any immigration rules in the countries you visit. If things are okay, you can bounce from the keyboard to the surfboard with no troubles.

Hit the Beach as a Surfing Instructor

Last, anyone who loves traveling and surfing could share his/her knowledge around the world. Perhaps a resort is looking for a resident surfing instructor. Newbies often seek out instruction. Vacationers frequently try new things when on holiday. Signing up for surfing lessons might fulfill a need for a new hobby. Newbies aren't the only ones who take lessons. Competitive surfers like working with coaches, too.

Teaching English

Demand for English language teachers stays strong throughout the world. Several international companies hire instructors from all over the world. Usually, a teacher signs a contract to work for the company for a specific period of time. If you love surfing and the beach, look into companies that are hiring people to work near blue waters and big waves.

A Word About Work Visas

Please don't automatically assume you can show up anywhere in the world and start working without adhering to the country's work visa requirements. Violating local laws regarding work visas could lead to a lot of serious legal trouble. Always stay in compliance with immigration rules. Thankfully, legitimate businesses hiring foreign workers usually take care of visa matters on the worker's behalf.

Acting as a Divemaster

Not every scuba diving-related job involves acting as an instructor. A professional divemaster also plays an important role when taking both new and experienced divers out onto open water. A divemaster assists and guides other divers while on a trip. The requirements to become a divemaster are less than what is necessary for instructor certification. Now, a would-be divemaster must complete a significant number of dives and pass a certification course. The time and experience requirements are unavoidable. However, the path to becoming a divemaster can be fun. Once you reach the rankings, doors open all over the world to perform this job.

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