Full Movie: Loyalty By 4FRNT Skis

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September 26, 2011

With an intro that pays homage to "Hot Dog: The Movie" this full length 4FRNT team movie may start off tongue and cheek but goes on to feature some serious skiing. Narrated by Luke Van Valin and dedicated to the memory of C.R. Johnson, the message of the movie is simple: Live your life. Love your life. No regrets.

Skiing by Eric Hjorleifson, Wiley Miller, Cody Barnhill, Finn Anderson, Will Berman, Mack Jones, Eirik Finseth, Torgrim Vole, Austin Ramaley, Matt Sterbenz, Niklas Karlstrom and more.

Shot in Utah, Retallack, B.C., Whistler, B.C., Austria, California, Colorado, Illinois, Japan, Montana and more.

Watch the original ski montage from "Hot Dog: The Movie" below.

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