Full Movie: Flow's Witness The Sickness Starring Scotty Lago

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When you see a video that is really good, you may say, 'that video was SICK', and we know everyone loves a good snowboard film. So that's exactly what Flow wanted to do this year when we labeled the video, Witness the Sickness. This video is built from a year of snowboarding that was truly SICK. The team hit snow just right in Japan for waist deep conditions, witnessed Scotty Lagos' Olympic adventures, found some of the best rail spots throughout Minnesota, while hitting up parks across the country, making this years video a truly well rounded and complete snowboard experience. Riders featured include, Tim Humphreys, Jeremy Thompson, Scot Brown, Sarka Pancochova, Brandon Reis, and the rest of the Flow team. Flow Snowboarding partnered with Rubbish this year to bring you another epic flick with the best quality edit, sound and filming around the industry today. Also brought to you by these supporting brands; Matador, and NXTZ. Enjoy, and most importantly get out and Snowboard!

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