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Solar Eclipse Svalbard from stian aadland on Vimeo.

"It went from daylight to complete darkness in seconds. Just like someone hit a light switch. It is the most special nature experience I've had"

Stian Aadland (29) a tour guide from Norway in Svalbard had an amazing experience during the solar eclipse. One thing that went through his head was: " I wondered what the Vikings thought when they saw something like this.

Stian takes tourists on daily excursions on the Island. He spent several days trying to find the perfect spot for the eclipse, and his work paid off. On top of a mointing, he got an almost bird's eye view of the shasow, as it passed over him.

He drove off alone early Friday morning on a snowmobile to get away from everyone.

It was quite cold on the day, luckily he had the Sony Action Cam, and it worked perfectly. It was also chaos on the Island, with a surge of tourists that day. And as a guide he should have been at work. But he told his manager, that under no circumstances, would he be guiding anyone that day. He wanted to have this experience on his own.

But he filmed it so he could share it with us.

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