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well, it happened. On November 11th we were hit with a strong pacific storm that dumped about 4 feet in 4 days. It was nuking! And it was cold on the front range so all the moisture stayed in the mountains. Temps hovered around 23 degrees making for ideal snow conditions. If it is too cold here we don't get the snow. I had been working in the shop on a project keeping a close eye on the snow that was quickly accumulating outside. It was sick!!! Living here for almost 20 years it was one of the most productive storms I have witnessed. I was biking the colorado trail that weekend! Now, winter! I was stoked. I gathered my gear the night before, cleaned my edges, cleaned my goggles did my equipment check, I was ready. Friday morning, woke up, ate some oatmeal drank some coffee, loaded the car. On my way to the basin! Tool is cranking on the stereo and there is two feet on the side of the road. Yeah!!!! My first day out and it's a powder day. I stop and see my friend who works there and drop off some fresh banana nut muffins that Rhonda made. Mmmmm muffins. I get booted up and go. First run, the snow is amazing. Like mid February, cold, no ice and grabby. I'm slashing pockets like last season was just yesterday. Took one run up top but the trail was so congested I decided to keep power lapping the bottom. I probably got about 8 runs in and was thinking I was about done. I started down and got to where the trail pitches. I am carving and in an instant my board goes out, I slide, and am twisted over my board. I felt a crack! I knew I had hurt myself and knew it was bad. My foot was tingling and loose. I stood up and wow it felt weird. For some reason I decided to go down on my own. Dugh!!! Well, I got down and now it was time to unstrap. I was dreading this. My foot came out and it felt like I was wearing someone else's leg. I hobbled up to guest services and fell into a seat. Peggy was working. I looked at her and told her I was hurt bad. I asked her "Can you grab Dave?" She did and he quickly came down. He took me across to the clinic and I had both boots off before the patroller got there. I knew the protocol. Swollen sore and upset. Ryan came in and did a report. He didn't know the severity of my injury. We all thought it was a bad sprain. But there was that crack. I felt it. Dave grabbed my van and I drove down to keystone, snow bag attached to my ankle. My wife came home and we went to the medical center. After my vitals were taken the doc walked in and already had an idea of what my injury was. He said " my guess is you have broken your fibula, that is why the skin is displaced." My soul dropped. Anyone who knows me knows my passion for snowboarding. I am consumed by it. November 14th and I am out for the season? What the fuck!!! I ski some big lines and here, a inbound blue run cripples me? Not fair. So get an appointment to see the ortho on Monday, have to go all weekend wondering what would happen. Monday comes, the doc looks at the film and asks if tomorrow would be good for surgery. The sooner the better I say. (I did look toward my wife and said "tomorrow?") I hate surgery! (I broke my femur in '98 again at the basin.). I am two weeks out of surgery and going stir crazy and dealing with pain like I have never felt before. No real moral to this story other than no matter your ability, no matter the terrain, am no matter the conditions, realize that accidents can happen at any time and unexpected. I have been at that same spot hundreds of times. And plan to be back there hundreds more. I am going to have a hard time watching it snow though! Oh well. Good luck to all and shred the gnar. I wish I was!

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