EXPIRED FILM: TGR's Grand Targhee shoot 2008

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The year was 2008 and TGR was shooting for the annual feature film "Under The Influence".

I'd brought along my Holga and fisheye film cameras to snap a few behind the scenes photos. I never really ended up doing anything with them, but thought I'd share a handful of unedited selects.

Pete Obrien shoots a heli in-run.

Warm up spread eagle.

That looks like a Sage tailgrab 360 to me.

Um... Probably a Dash signature safety grab corked 360. Double exposed with Pete Obrien

Adam Clark in the foreground. Todd Jones hanging from the heli in the background.

Wiley Miller

Todd Jones changing out a roll of film under his jacket to avoid light exposure.

Sammy Carlson scoping Mary's Nipple.

TGR cinematographer Dustin Handley and Producer Josh Nielsen

Wiley Miller

Marc Andre Belliveau

Josh Nielsen, Pete Obrien and Chris Bezamat

Pete Obrien


Adam Clark

One of the first days with the RED camera. Instant footage review blew some minds.

Box of film. Not available for instant review.

Dylan Hood and unknown laying on the floor.

Todd with the RED One

Sammy Carlson

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