Exercises to Get Your Body Ready for Skiing

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Skiing is fun and the increasing number of people who each year wait diligently to hit the slopes is proof of this fact. However, because this activity happens only for a few months a year our body tends to feel the jolt as it is not physically prepared to handle the aggressive activity. But, if we are prepared in advance then the pain arising is reduced to quite a large extent. Here are a few exercises that can get your body going and ready for skiing.


In the process of skiing your thighs are forced to suffer the most. Thus it is better that you prepare them by doing squats on a daily basis. To do so you need to stand with your feet apart, push the hips back and bend the knees such that they are parallel to the floor. Stand and repeat the process and try to follow three to four sets of 20 such actions. If you are willing to push harder you can hold a weight while squatting.

Squat jump

Squat jump burns as much as calories as a 30 minute round of outdoor running. This exercise not only strengthens the feet the quads and glutes are also tackled well. Again stand with the distance between your feet the same as the shoulders width. Squat down such that your thighs are parallel and take a huge jump. Take turns to do four sets of four jumps at least and all this while trying to catch your breath between every jump. However, you must land very softly on your feet as you might get injured if not careful.


Lunges not provide your body with strength but also increase your ability to balance. Put one leg forward and bend down such that the foot in front forms a right angle. On the other hand, your foot at the back should be touching the floor. You have to do at least 20 repetitions four times in order to achieve the best results. Your upper body should be straight and the core needs to be engaged at all times.


When you ski a particular part of the focus is on your lower back and the abs. Lie flat on the floor and rest your elbows all the while pushing up your hips. You should be resting only on your elbows and toes and maintain the position for at least 60 seconds. Repeat this set of exercise on both the sides and do not let the hips dip.

Wall squats

If you wish to build endurance then wall squats are what you should be looking at. You would have to find a wall and rest your back standing against it. Now move down into the squat position and hold for some seconds before lifting up again. Repeat this two to four times and take breaks between each.

Skiing on the white mountains can help you push all your limits. However, if you are not careful that also means facing a lot of discomforts later on. Practice these five easy exercises so that when you start skiing this year the pleasure you experience knows no bounds.

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