Everything You Want To Know About A Hybrid Bike

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A hybrid bike in simpler terms is a combination of a mountain and road bike and it gives you the comfort of riding along with a workout effect. With a tall head tube and short top tube, they give the rider a benefit of staying upright while he is riding. In the weekdays the bikes can be used to ride to work and back and on weekends they serve as best partners for your adventurous escapades. Here are a few things which everyone needs to know about a hybrid bike.

Hybrid bikes have broader tires as compared to a road bike. But in comparison to a mountain bike, their tires are narrower which totally justifies the name given to them. Size of a hybrid bike can range from 28-42 c. However, most people prefer buying the 32 c hybrid bike.

The hybrid bike contains flat handlebars which allow the riders to relax and sit back in comfort while riding. They are provided with eyelets for mudguards and pannier racks and the disc brakes given help in stopping the bike as and when required.

A hybrid bike can be endowed with different kind of features. While some of them are inclined more towards the mountain bike genre the others would be similar to the road variety. When you have a look at these features of the bike you realize how well it can perform in mountain terrain. This also gives you an idea as to what maximum speed limit you can attain with your bike.

These bikes are constructed keeping a relaxed geometry pattern in mind. This means that the rider won’t have to strain his neck much in order to find a comfortable position to sit. Some hybrid bikes are accompanied by a top tube which slopes downwards from its front side. This empowers the person using the bike to get on and off the bike with ease.

The hybrid bikes can be divided into four categories easily. One is the Commuter bike which can be taken for short distances. These bikes come with features like carrier racks, full fenders, and front and rear lights to ensure easy visibility. The second category is the city hybrid bike which is similar to the former yet has wheels designed like that of a mountain bike.

The third category of the hybrid bikes is the comfort bike which gives you an upright position benefit. It comes with a frame of a mountain bike along with smooth and sleek tires. Last is the cross bike which is for tours and utility purposes. They are suitable for non- pavement use and are quite lightweight. The wheels provided are at the same level as that of a 700 cc bike and that adds up to their benefits.

Hybrid bikes are here to stay for a long time. This is because they are bound to work in ways more than one. For an adventure fond person, they provide an escape from his daily work schedule and for the fitness freak the everyday workout that he requires. Only time will tell how these bikes are going to change things in the future as of now they are here to stay for long.

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