Everything You Need to Know About the Upcoming Ski Season

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If you think it is early to hit the planning for slopes, then you need to think again! Because well, this is quite frankly the right time to grab all the early birds deals for the upcoming winters. Whether you are looking forward to get your hands on those snag-free places or if you are interested in group deals or choosing the type of experience you would prefer, this read is just meant for you!

First of all, let us start by understanding when to book a ski holiday – Early bird catches the worm is one phrase that is absolutely suited here. Especially when you bag in good deals during your kid’s school holidays. Checking out ski tour operators websites, such as Ski Independence;ski-i.com,Ski Safari; skisafari.com and;an Epic Pass epicpass.com should be your go-to agenda.

Check out how the snow is likely to behave - While snowboarders often get attracted to the idea of sunny blue skies and spring skiing vibe, one needs to keep a tab on fresh snowfall that often happens late season. Check out if more snow is expected in the Alps and North America, something that will help you gauge at below-freezing temperatures. Do check for snow reports for resorts around the world.

What’s the latest in the offerings and developments of ski resorts – Now this is one exciting source of news to keep a tab on! While Val d’Isère, France is all set to redevelop the resort centre, cult French off-piste destination La Grave is also undergoing major changes as far as its improving its mountain infrastructure is concerned. Andermatt, Switzerland is yet another new report opening with three spanking new chairlifts.

Best off-the-radar ski resorts – This season, if you are someone who is looking for peaceful and lesser-known skiing destination then Slovenia’s Kranjska Gora and Crystal Ski are worth looking out for! One can also check for Refuge de Lac du Lou (lesmenuires.com) or South Korea’s YongPyong resort (yongpyong.co.kr) in PyeongChang county. Keep in mind that before doing all this, you also need to hone your skiing craft back at home. While there are many quick beginner level courses available at any skiing resort, taking a one-to-one online personal training course on skiing would only help you in amplifying your skills, but can also assist in perking up your fitness levels.

Finally, the most important question: what do I pack for skiing? Check upon the temperature and be well-prepared for the extra layers. This is especially important if you are planning to fly to a high-altitude entrance. Keep in mind shoes, boots, gloves, helmet, goggles and jacket are some of the must-carry items.

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