Essentials Gear Checklist for a Cyclist

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Cycling is not only a means to keep fit but also an expression of being free. However, the choice of cycling gear needs to be done with careful precision. Not being careful can hamper your experience and spoil the whole idea behind this adventure. Instead of just giving in to the temptation of buying any fancy gear that comes in front we bring you a list of the Essentials Gear Checklist for a Cyclist that you should own.

Helmet- No doubts this is the most basic accessory that anyone should buy before he ventures into starting cycling as a passion. In the initial days, you might fall due to lack of practice. On such occasions, it is your helmet which is going to act as a protection for you. Always pick a Helmet which is strong and prepared to face any setback.

Puncture kit- A puncture kit is going to prove to be your most close aide during the cycling time. Your puncture kit would include sandpaper, glue and some puncture patches. That is all and you are sorted to handle any kind of emergencies that you might just face.

Bike Lock- It is immaterial where you are going to have some fun with your cycle. You definitely need a bike lock to make sure your bike is protected. There are a wide variety of U locks available for a biker to take his pick from. But your choice should be dependent on the sturdiness and the strength of the piece available.

Mini Pump- Obviously you would not want to get stranded in the middle of the road with no assistance around. Pick up a reasonably priced mini pump which you think should fulfill your purpose well. Whenever your tires seem to be losing out on the air pressure this mini pump can work well in restoring the same.

Lube- The chain of your bicycle should stay clean that is if you want it to be smooth in movement all the time. Buying a lube would take care of the possibility of the chain getting jammed or stuck anywhere. However, when buying a Lube just keep the season in mind as that greatly affects the performance of one.

Taillight- If you are a regular when it comes to cycling you would want a taillight to help you. This light would make sure that people notice you in the toughest of weathers too. This reduces the chances of collision and you getting hurt in the process. If you think appropriate you can add a headlight to your bike as well.

A cyclist needs to be careful when he is out having some fun. The gears mentioned above are useful in keeping the fun factor intact. You can also add a cyclometer and a saddle bag as some extra comforts that you might need while out. Whatever it is staying protected would definitely help you and all the above things should be chosen such that your purpose of cycling is met efficiently.

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