Early Season Snowboarding in Utah

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We are currently about 95% of average snowfall so far this season. These powder shots are just "average" or "below average". How I long for the winters of the 1990's to return to Utah.

They call this zone at Brighton, "Hoikkado"

Snowbird can be frustrating during storms due to crowds and terrain closures. But when you nail it, it can be the best you ever had!

My teenage son can slash powder with more style than most. An added benefit of growing up riding "Best Snow on Earth" at Snowbird.

Big avalanche on Mid-Cirque at Snowbird.

Always fun to send it off the catwalks at Snowbird!

So nice to have the option of taking a few pow runs when it's dumping at night at Brighton.

Mom shreds the powder pretty well. No wonder the teenage boys shred so hard, they learned it from mom!

Wasatch love!

Love sunny days in the Wasatch!

Dropping! Pow surfing without bindings is something I have been dabbling more and more into lately. Its addictive!

Powder turns on a PowSurfer feel the best! No bindings really make it sublime.

My tracks are in the center from the PowSurfer. Personally I think the tracks are much more fluid than the ski tracks on skier right of me or the snowboard tracks on skier left of me.

Some windy days on the skintrack.

Splitboard pow turns!

High avalanche danger means tree runs.

Powder is the best!


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