Drone Footage That Will Make You Drool: Sled-Skiing In Alaska

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Each spring, I head to Alaska to meet a group of friends based in Anchorage who consistently redefine my understanding of what it means to live life to the fullest. For so-called city dwellers working everyday jobs, they manage to pack enough untracked powder descents into their season to make even the local heli guides a little jealous. These guys aren't sponsored. In fact, they don't even work in the industry. Sergey Nefedov, Tom Nulle, Byron Dull, and Cory Runa just prefer to spend every moment of their free time hard-charging in the backcountry and inspiring the rest of us to dream a little bigger (or in my case, book my plane tickets). Sergey and the crew go full beast mode in this spring edit from the Chugach.

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