Do Evel Knievel A Solid, Jump A Camaro This Weekend

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While last year Evel Urban Downhill competitors jumped over a rattlesnake and a mountain lion, this year the course is just plain gnarly. Bob Allen photo.

If racing in the woods at some ski resort seems too tame for desires for bike gnar, we highly suggest getting to the small town of Butte, Montana this weekend. Evel Knievel's hometown is hosting the 15th annual Evel Knievel Days, a mix of action sports, motor-powered stunts, a backwards car jumping contest, and a shitload of downhome partying in the hometown of the legendary daredevil. Fun fact: did you know Evel holds the Guinness World Record for the most broken bones in a lifetime at 433? Hot damn!

But the human-powered experience lives on, too, with the Evel Urban Downhill–a downhill race that drops 550 vertical feet through the urban and suburban landscape of Butte, around houses, off of old foundations, and even over an Evel Knievel Camaro, the long way.

This year's course starts inside an old mine control building, and drops off a 6-foot fence. Bob Allen photo.

While last year's event was doable on a trail bike, the second edition of the Evel Urban Downhill is now worthy of a full-bred DH rig, with huge gaps, a giant step-down off of the foundation of an old home, big berms, and a race start that blasts out of an old mine control building before sending competitors over a six-foot high chain link fence.

The novice/beginner race kicks off today at 4 and 7 pm, while pro and expert competitors will race tomorrow at 3 and 7 pm. Competitors will get two timed runs with their best result counting towards the overall. We highly suggest racing shirtless or with a leather jacket. Sign up here!

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