Ding Dongs, Doritos, And Deep Pow

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Your hamstrings are tight just looking at the driver seat. Skis, boots, poles - check. Sleeping bag - you know you’ll be sleeping on some floors - phone charger, and a stash of energy bars to get you through the days. Pull out the driveway and push the pedal down.

Ski bum RV

Road trips are essential to all skiers. It’s the travel element to our sport that is sometimes lost among the ski-porn stoke. Just as skiers from the 10th Mountain Division made pilgrimages to ski towns throughout the west following the war — in essence creating the ski bum culture, skiers have consistently been traveling for snow. From the metropolis dwellings of the eastern cities to northern New England, to crossing western basins and ranges, the road trip provides a time to turn off the Internet and hit the open road with hopes of scoring big.

Destinations, though helpful are stains to the agenda. Storms can easily fizzle, while others can engulf mountains for days. You feel content with staying in touch with the world via NPR, but in reality, your sole focus is finding deep snow. You revert to your childlike days of loading up on sugar at gas station stops and squeal like a school kid at recess while shredding the deep. New friends are made and others are found again in the powder frenzy each morning.

As the winter is kicking off across the country, skiers will again relish in this time-honored tradition. Those tight legs from driving don’t have anything on a pow day, plus you’ll loosen up after a few après beers and a soak in the hot tub you just poached.

Just remember to steer the truck home at some point. …

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