Designer graphics for snowboards

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New company, Deckskinz, is looking for your feedback. Deckskinz is a manufacturer of designer vinyl graphics that can be adhered to your existing snowboard using a strong adhesive to give your deck a new look. All you do is peel off the backing, apply to your snowboard deck and trim with a razor blade. The process takes less that 10 minutes. We know looks are important and everyone wants their board to stand out, so when your topsheet gets scratched up you can apply a new Deckskin instead of buying a new board for $300-$500.

Deckskinz make an old board look new and a new board look better. These vinyl topsheets can be removed and replaced easily and are designed to fit all boards. I am looking to get you feedback on;

Is this a product you would consider buying?

What would you be willing to pay for a product like this for your board?

Would you be willing to pay extra if you could design your own Deckskin?

We thank you for your input and will see you on the slopes.

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