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Deer Valley Resort has enlisted Gravity Logic, Inc. to improve its existing trail system.

Deer Valley Resort has enlisted Gravity Logic, Inc. to improve its existing trail system. | Photo courtesy Deer Valley Resort

PARK CITY, UT – Deer Valley Resort announced it has enlisted Gravity Logic, Inc. as the resort "embarks on its largest-ever summer investment to modernize and update its existing mountain biking/hiking trail inventory." Gravity Logic has completed a feasibility analysis of the current Deer Valley bike park trail system and provided improvement recommendations based on a five-year timeline which will begin in June of 2015. The first improvement to break ground is said to be a blue flow trail two to three miles in length.

The initial trail will be an in-sloped machine-excavated downhill run approximately four feet wide featuring berms, rollers and jumps from the top of Bald Mountain's 9,400-foot summit down to Silver Lake. The resort says future expansion upon Gravity Logic, Inc.'s recommendations will continue on a year-to-year basis as demand dictates.

"This year we are focusing on the flow trail which will include dirt features—what Gravity Logic specializes in," Chris Erikkla, Deer Valley's assistant mountain biking manager told MTBparks. "We've seen a steady increase in summer visitors and once known for being a leader in the mountain biking industry, we want to continue summer improvements to stay relevant within the increasingly competitive bike park market."

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Deer Valley's first Gravity Logic improvement will be an intermediate flow trail. | Photo courtesy Deer Valley Resort

Deer Valley Resort was the first in Park City to offer lift-served mountain biking, and loaded the first bikes on its chairs in 1992. It is also the site of the summer incarnation of the bi-annual bike industry Press Camp.

The resort's trails total nearly 70 miles of singletrack dropping 2,200 feet of vertical from the mountain's three peaks and offer up everything from cross-country to rocky, technical descents, but up until recently, most of the handbuilt trails provided an experience more akin to lift-assisted trail riding as opposed to a true downill bike park.

"There is a lot of great natural terrain to work with at Deer Valley," Rob Cocquyt, owner/director of Gravity Logic told MTBparks. "We want to take advantage of the steeps, the knolls, the gullies—all the micro-topography that makes a trail feel like it belongs exactly where it has been built. If a wall ride happens to be the most practical, most fun, most progressive feature to tie together two completely natural sections then so be it—we'll build one."

In addition to trail work with Gravity Logic, Deer Valley has partnered with Mountain Trails Foundation, a Park City non-profit to create an extension of the cross-country Mid-mountain trail. The trail will lead from Silver Lake to the Deer Crest trail, eliminating the climb from Silver Lake to the top of Bald Eagle and circumnavigating Bald Eagle.

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Deer Valley's trail system currently boasts nearly 70 miles of handbuilt singletrack. | Photo courtesy Deer Valley Resort

"We want to contribute to Park City, Utah's strong reputation as a world-class mountain biking destination," Emily Summers, Deer Valley's communications manager told MTBparks.

The resort is also considering adding bike trays to the Sterling Express lift this summer and has extended its summer operations to include weekends after Labor Day through Sunday, September 20, 2015, conditions permitting.

The bike park is served via the Silver Lake Express chairlift at Snow Park, the mid-mountain Sterling Express chairlift and the Ruby Express chairlift at Empire Canyon. Deer Valley opens June 19 and summer chairlifts operate from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily.

by Don Stefanovich




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